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October 17 2011

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Susan Sarandon has a long history with protests.

Top: Occupy Wall Street, September 2011 via NY Daily News

Bottom: With Joan Baez at the March from Selma to Montgomery, 1965 via Alabama Digital Archives 

The latest update from Occupy Wall Street says that Mayor Bloomberg is planning to close Zuccotti Park for “cleaning” at 7am on Friday, October 14th. This tactic has been used to shut down protests before so Occupy Wall Street is asking New Yorkers to come to Zuccotti Park tonight (October 13) at midnight or call 311 to express their support.  

Josh Harkinson from Mother Jones is tweeting tonight from Zuccotti Park for anyone who wants to follow events online.  And if you’re not sure what this is all about, check out the 99% to see what the extreme economic inequality in the US means.  If you think that wealthy people already pay enough in taxes, check out this piece from Business Insider. Taxes on the richest 1% are the lowest they’ve been since the 1920s.  

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