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April 29 2017

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this is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen goodbye

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Antilopen Gang - Patientenkollektiv ⚠️  genius.com/Antilopen-gang-patientenkollektiv-lyrics
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April 28 2017

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10 South Korean LGBT activists have just been arrested by police when they walked into a national security press conference where a major president candidate, Jae-In Moon, was giving a speech. The protesters demanded for his apology for his previous statement that he ‘does not agree with homosexuality’. Currently, all president candidates except for 1 publicly stated that ‘they do not agree with homosexuality’ and would not push for anti-discrimination bill that will protect LGBT Koreans.

Please spread the word! A lot of people don’t really know about how LGBT rights are quickly deteriorating in South Korea right now.

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A micro-crack in steel

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April 26 2017

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Q217 - Q4 Is pleasure wasted if you forget it? - YouTube
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April 23 2017

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Amsterdam is turning rainbow for a visit of the Russian president Putin. The council of the city of Amsterdam has decided to hang out the gay pride flag on all council owned buildings and offices, in protest to Russia’s new anti-gay law.

there’s several of these as well;


pretty sure Amsterdam is now the sass capital of the world


Really though it was great 


It’s one of those moments in which I do love my country


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A message to my fellow passive people… People who aren’t willing to compromise aren’t worth your time ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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One of these playgrounds is called “The Land”.

The Land is an “adventure playground,” although that term is maybe a little too reminiscent of theme parks to capture the vibe. In the U.K., such playgrounds arose and became popular in the 1940s, as a result of the efforts of Lady Marjory Allen of Hurtwood, a landscape architect and children’s advocate. Allen was disappointed by what she described in a documentary as “asphalt square” playgrounds with “a few pieces of mechanical equipment.” She wanted to design playgrounds with loose parts that kids could move around and manipulate, to create their own makeshift structures. But more important, she wanted to encourage a “free and permissive atmosphere” with as little adult supervision as possible. The idea was that kids should face what to them seem like “really dangerous risks” and then conquer them alone. That, she said, is what builds self-confidence and courage.

A documentary called The Land premiered at the 2015 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival: [x]

(Fact Source) for more facts, follow Ultrafacts

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In the “Idiocracy” universe, the most popular movie in America, and the winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, consists entirely of a man’s buttocks, passing gas intermittently for 90 minutes. Judge had made a 35-millimeter print of this movie-within-a-movie — just a few minutes of it — for a scene that takes place in a theater, and he wound up recruiting 250 of the “juvenile delinquents” to fill the seats. Judge figured he’d have to do a bit of directing to get the proper response from these extras — that context-free flatulence wouldn’t actually be that funny — but the kids surprised him. “They just start laughing,” he told me. “And they just keep laughing.”

He turned to his director of photography and wondered aloud why they were even bothering with “Idiocracy.” Couldn’t they just release this?

Mike Judge, the Bard of Suck - The New York Times
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